In my music I seek to explore impressions and emotions rather than a                                                                      logical order.
                                    I am mesmerised by rachmaninoff and water. 


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Karl Prybyloski, composer and pianist, is best known for creating maritime atmosphere in his piano compositions. His recognizable style, that combines an excellent classical piano technique with wild improvisational skills. This translates into an impressionist freedom and gives his music a unique language where he expresses his fascination by water movements and ocean.

Karl's listeners are captivated by his spacious sound and live improvising, which, according to him, is the biggest achievement an artist can offer to his audience: a real time music creation inspired by a moment, space and life experiences.

Karl studied classical piano in Poland, Portugal and the UK, where he engaged in jazz studies at Morley College under Sarah Dhillon’s supervision and took classes of performance with a British conductor Quentin Clare.   


He co-operated with such artists as Brazilian jazz pianist Marcelle Barretto, Australian mezzo-soprano Jane Frith, composer Alejandro Bonatto  who inspired him further to develop his improvisational skills.


Karl’s piano unique piano style falls between French impressionists and the strength of Rachmaninoff. His musical interest of evoking water in his piano compositions led him to such prestigious stages as Place des Arts in Montreal, Berlin Philharmoniker, Théâtre de l'Île-Saint-Louis in Paris or St John Smith Square in London.


After his several recitals in South America (Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Buenos Aires) his piano playing was acclaimed as ’magical’ by Agenda Clasical de Buenos Aires. In Europe, Time Out Lisbon described him as ‘late romantic’ referring to his latest concert played at Teatro do Bairro. Karl regularly gives recitals where improvisation on other composers (mainly Rachmaninoff and Ravel) and his own compositions are core part of each of his concert.  Polish Institute of Culture after his Madrid recital stated that it is ‘’rarely to see such a level of improvisation on current music scenes’’.  Karl’s concerts prove that combining his own compositions with elements of total freedom of improvisation, is the highest form of art an artist can offer to its public. His technically challenging program and original pieces can be as attractive as traditional, ordinary piano repertoire. A proof of that is an enthusiastic reception and reviews of his all his concerts be it in Madrid, Berlin, Montreal, Lisbon, Barcelona, London,  Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, to name a few. 


In 2017 the pianist recorded his first album ‘’Inner Oceans’’ which is a collection of his piano masterpieces, where water movement is a focal point in his improvisational exploration of piano, with strong echoes of Rachmaninoff and Ravel. 

He is currently composing my first piano sonata and, simultaneously, working on his first music film score.